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Digital Marketing Success

Tim Hoye Consulting

We strive to assist you with your business to get a stronger footprint in the digital age.

How do you think your business is doing online in this digital age? Do you wish to have a stronger platform to reach more potential customers or even reach your current customers in different formats?

This is where Tim Hoye Consulting can assist your business. Web Design is just one of the items you need to reach more customers. Not having a website today will cause your company to miss out on potential new customers. How many times do you look at a products website or an establishments website before you visit or buy their item? You need a website for the digital age and built for all the digital devices now just computers but for mobile devices. Tim Hoye Consulting builds websites for all platforms not just a computer. Every company needs a website for both mobile devices and non-mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing may sound like a foreign term to you but its got a lot of meanings. Basically, how do you reach your customers other than your website? Does your company use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram? Tim Hoye Consulting will assist your company with setting up and maintaining your platforms. This will assist getting your business out to the masses and focus on engagement with your customers and potential customers. All for much less than spending thousands of dollars on TV or Radio ads.

What is Search Engine Optimization and why do I need it? SEO will allow the search engines such as google, yahoo, and bing to see your website. Having a great website and having great SEO will make your site a #1 ranked web site for the search criteria allowing more customers to reach you.

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